Noise Is The Real Information

Noise Is The Real Information – N.I.T.R.I. Soundtrack

This track is entirely created with the help of SoundAnyFile, a small application that transforms any file into sound. The file format and the contained information determine the sound structure. A highly compressed file source (high informational entropy rate) logically yield white noise. Non-compressed, human-readable file formats (e.g. TXT/XML or BMP) produce more structured sound.

Download Noise Is The Real Information (MP3)






SIN – Sinus Wave Experiments with SoundAnyFile

SIN is an experiment with generated SIN Bitmaps that have been used as an input for SoundAnyFile. Different complex sinus equations. These equations have also been used in the CUDA experiments I/II.

Download SIN (MP3)





Alien Ambience

Alien Ambience – Ambient & Space Sound Experiments

Alien Ambience tries to cover an approach to mix up some ambient and space moods. Playing around with strange sound sources led to this exciting soundscape.

Download Alien Ambience (MP3)