Information technologies offer many ways for creative experiments and artistic expression. We love to explore unknown artificial terrains to discover new structures and methods. In the past we took a many-fold way through various manifestations of art mostly staying focussed on digital media.

You can retrace our findings in the following areas (chronologically descending):

Generative Art

Cubeflow: The generation of spatial structures with the help of surface reconstruction algorithms. More information on

Interactive Installation

Visual Computing Art

Making art with visual computing technologies? Find out more:


Interactive 3D Graphics

Rendering interactive 3D graphics in realtime is a fascinating field for digital art. Learn more about our core compentency in the technology section.


Audiovisual Arts

2004-2011 Audiovisual Arts with a strong focus on aspects of installation, projections, live performance and light art. Visit Radient Audiovisual Arts –


Noise Arts


Sound Art

We explored sound under the premiss of the relativity of information. For example using our app SoundAnyFile.


2D Imaging and Compositions

Merging real-world photography and artificial forms and structures to compositions with new sense and meaning. We realized many local exhibitions of our works from 2003–2005. An excerpt of some impressions:





We use photopraphy to construct structures of light with light.

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