Lichtstrom Festival 2014

We present our award-winning gesture-controlled CubeFlow application at Lichtstrom Festival 2014, 26.-27. September 2014, Exerzierhalle Klenzepark Ingolstadt.

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Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge

Two of our apps were choosen as a prize winner in the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013. Our CubeFlow app won a 2nd prize in the category open innovation. CubeFlow allows the user to create volumetric shapes from finger movements.

2nd Prize Winner: CubeFlow at Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013

Our second submission “CubeSculpt” won a “Pioneer Award” in the category productivity. CubeSculpt was an app prototype to use hand gestures to freeform sculpt 3D models.

Pionner Award: CubeSculpt at Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013

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CubeFlow app release

cubeflow-motion-sculpture1CubeFlow is available now! Download it for FREE: More information: is a tool to create and explore complex volumetric structures in realtime 3D using motion data from your camera. You create virtual sculptures in 3D space just by moving your device or objects in front of it. With CubeFlow you generate new shapes in time and space. Discover unique and inspiring sculptures!

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Applications of Social Network Analysis

We attended the ASNA conference 2012 and presented a paper about “Semantic Network Analysis as a Method for Visual Text Analytics” as a part of our research work. This paper can be read as a follow up on the EuroVA paper as it demonstrates the proposed method for visual text analysis in an exemplary application. The paper will be published in 2013.

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GPUerror – visual computing arts experiment

By serendipity this visual computing experiment led to a visualization of colorful structures that evolve from the parallel propagation of errors on a graphics processing unit (GPU). We wanted to transfer color values in subsequent volume slices using an OpenCL kernel. Due to concurrent memory access this transfer operation was erroneous and produced interesting visual patterns in a point-based visualization. Meanwhile we fixed this “error” with another kernel but we wanted to share the initial results as a piece of visual computing art. The visual patterns reveal the structure of block-wise kernel execution on the GPU. Further information on this experiment and code snippets (PDF). Find more experimental visual computing applications on

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Visual Text Analytics using Semantic Networks and Interactive 3D Visualization

Short paper presentation at EuroVA 2012. Abstract:

Semantic Network Analysis using 3D Graph Visualization

Facing the growth of textual information, the analysis of unstructured text data remains a challenge for visual analytics. Most text visualizations are based on models that use word frequencies for text vectorization and representation. As semantics reveal from word relations, we propose an integrated visual text analytics approach that utilizes semantic networks in an interactive 3D workspace for exploration and analysis. Semantic networks act as an intermediary structure for data modeling and interactive visualization to support the visual analytics process. Focussing on the integration of text analysis and visualization, this paper describes our system design and its preliminary implementation. Discussing typical usage scenarios and a practical field-test, we present a strategy for text exploration and analysis to illustrate the usage of our system in an exemplary use case.

Drieger, P.: Visual text analytics using semantic networks and interactive 3d visualization. In: EuroVA 2012: International Workshop on Visual Analytics (Vienna, Austria, 2012), K. Matkovic and G. Santucci, Eds., Eurographics Association, pp. 43–47.

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Praxisanwendungen der Netzwerkforschung 2012

We presented parts of our research works at “Frühjahrstagung 2012 – Praxisanwendungen der Netzwerkforschung” at the Goethe University Frankfurt Main. and had fruitful discussions about possible usage scenarios in different scientific areas. The program includes the presented topics and the abstracts of the presentations.

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Poster Presentation: GPU Technology Conference 2012

We are delighted to present a poster of our “2 Million Pixel Experiment” at the GPU Technology Conference 2012, San Jose. The poster (download from GTC on demand) describes our concept of the experiment and draws a special focus on the graphics interoperability between DirectX and CUDA. For more information about our on-going visual computing experiments visit our project domain

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Eventhalle Westpark

The Eventhalle Ingolstadt has opened as a event location for various event types. In cooperation with WBLT, planned the multichannel visualisation concept and projection technology. Our solution provides maximum flexibility to be ready for any atmosphere. To get an impression of the location visit

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Guest lecture: digital publishing for mobile devices

This lecture discussed different possibilites for digital publishing on mobile devices. In respect to the variety of devices, platforms, operating systems, vendors and technologies a common approach seems difficult. Standardized web technology proposes a good approach to cross-platform concepts and data formats. The blend of web-apps with rich internet applications (RIA) would confirm those trends.

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