Lichtnächte 2011

Lichtnächte 2011 – Mergeformat Festival for light, media, audio and video art in Eichstätt, 28.-30. July 2011. Find out more about our guest artists and the festival program. See for further photos and impressions. Thanks to all the people who made this fascinating weekend come to life!

Video: Audiovisual performance by HAMMERHAUS.

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Seminar Netzdenken

As an reflection on the “age of the internet” students learned about essential backgrounds, functions and features of the web. With different theories in mind we discovered the possibilities of simple web publishing and discussed collaboratively the internet, its technology as well as its practical chances and effects for historical studies. This seminar took place in cooperation with the chair of theory and didactics of history, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. The result can be seen as a standard WORDPRESS page under

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Lighting simulation

Simulations stimulate competitive advantages! Simulating the planned new lighting design of Speyer Cathedral, Ingenieure Bamberger won the 1st place in the competition for the outdoor illumination. realized different lighting simulations for the architectural lighting according to the ideas of Walter Bamberger.

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mBook prototype

In cooperation with the chair of theory and didactics of history, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, developed a tablet-based prototype of a multimedia schoolbook. This project will evaluate the use of new media and technology in school. By the use of video, audio, hyperlinks and various informational enrichments, new learning features and didactical designs are possible. To provide interoperability with other tablet devices, the contents are stored in standard HTML5 format. The prototype was created as a native iPad app that takes advantage of its device-specific features.

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Dynamic Visual Power

Dynamic Visual Power” is a powerful software solution for rapid CAD animation production. Cooperating with GmbH, is in charge of the software architecture and its development. The software is currently in beta state.

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2 Million Pixel

Exploring the vast power of parallel computation on modern graphic cards, created a “2 Million Pixel” experiment. This application maps a full HD (1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps) video source into 3D space. Each video frame is processed in realtime by a CUDA kernel. Each pixel in a frame is scaled in the z-axis by its luminance value. The application interacts with DirectShow.NET, CUDA.NET and SlimDX libraries.

Thankfully, music artist and composer Ludwig Berger created a progressive soundtrack for the presentation of the experiment in a video: Watch and vote on YouTube.

The 2 Million Pixel Experiment was featured in the NVIDIA CUDA Week in Review, Nov. 10, 2010. Visit the project domain for further information.

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Lichtnächte 2010

Radient Audiovisual Arts created another immersive audiovisual installation turning space into time and vice versa. Under the title “Noise is the real information” we created a multiprojector setup with different visual and audio livesets. Projecting on translucent curtains, the visitor was completely immersed into a fluid visual motion experience. The soundscape was generated on the fly to enhance that experience even more. provided an advanced multichannel visualization solution and the conceptual work between the poles of noise and information.

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The exhibiton “Donau-Uhr” was presented in the “Messpegelhäuschen” in Ingolstadt. In cooperation with Dr. Peter Loreth (Department of Geography, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) and Michael Bamberger (IB Bamberger, Pfünz) we created a multimedia object that presents geographic aspects of the Danube. By simulating the apex of the sun’s motion, the viewer goes on a multimedial journey along the Danube with the ticking its clock. realized the audiovisual installation for that journey.

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Castellum Virtualis

In collaboration with 3D designer Falk Lochmann created “Castellum Virtualis“, an realtime application for viewing a historical reconstruction of the “Castra Vetonianae” in Pfünz. The 3D engine “NouEngine” was developed by to provide high performance graphics. To achieve realistic rendering results, different shaders, lightmapping and postprocessing techniques are in use. The terrain is created from original DGM data. Due to it’s work in progress character, this project has not been finished yet.

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